Our Heritage

In 1974, David Arnold founded Arrow Precision on the principles of quality, innovation and service.

Where it started

David's vision took Arrow Precision from a toolmaker through sub contract engineering and then on to a global manufacturer of race engine components. The willingness to constantly adapt the business and seek out new opportunities allowed early investment in modern equipment and skilled staff which gave Arrow the competitive edge.

Over the years

We remained located in the Midlands, the heart of Britain’s vehicle manufacturing and motorsport industries, learning as we grew. Developing our own products and processes we soon became renowned for the high performance aftermarket motorsport components we manufacture.

Performance at the heart

As Arrow Precision gained a reputation in the British motorsport industry, we maintained the flexibility of our manufacturing process. Today we still supply single custom manufactured pieces alongside larger production quantities. We are ISO 9001:2015 quality management certified and with our modern manufacturing techniques and an increased number of staff, our global customer base relies on the extreme quality and short lead times of every Arrow part.

What we stand for

At Arrow, we inspire confidence and integrity in all we do. We challenge ourselves to bring the absolute best to our clients, We set ourselves apart through our expertise, passion and curiosity.


We specify only the highest quality materials from mills in the UK and Europe to ensure they meet our strict quality standards, . Before machining is undertaken, detailed drawings are produced to confirm all specifications meet that of the customers requirements, whether it be material, heat treatment, dimensions, or packaging specifications, with the benefit of our knowledge and experience we are able to determine what is most suitable for the customer.


Arrow Precision continues to build upon its proud traditions of craftmanship and engineering excellence, today these are enhanced by delivering business value and satisfying customer needs as well as new working practices and technological advances in material, design and manufacturing.

Dedicated team of directors

Today we continue to be family owned and operated by a dedicated team of Directors, their founding principals of quality, innovation and service guide us in all that we do.

Become Unrivalled

Discover the reasons we’re at the heart of the worlds most powerful engines.

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