Highly skilled CAD and CAM Engineers with decades of manufacturing experience all seamlessly blended together, make Arrow the strongest technical partners in the industry.

HOW WE MAKE THE Extraordinary

All Arrow component designs are produced using the latest SolidWorks CAD software. Several key calculations are carried out during the design to optimise the product. Full client collaboration and validation is utilised throughout the process.


We offer our in house design service to all customers. Client collaboration ensures all requirements are met. We utilise years of experience to produce a component design that is unique to the demands of the engine. Access to a wealth of knowledge and an archive of designs built up over decades allow our Design Engineers to produce industry leading component designs for not only crankshafts and connecting rods but also cam followers, valve guides and other valve train components.


CAD models and additive manufactured prototype components are created. Before material is cut customers have the confidence of knowing their bespoke components will be suitable for the application. Our design team integrates seamlessly with our manufacturing team who use EdgeCAM to program our 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC mills, lathes and grinding centres when it is time to begin manufacturing the final approved design.

Become Unrivalled

Discover the reasons we’re at the heart of the worlds most powerful engines.

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