Heritage Automotive

In order to create the future you must first respect the past: we offer modernised or sympathetic component recreations for the most respected of engine restorers. 

How it Begins

Original parts are carefully inspected and measured before being recreated in CAD software whilst capturing any alterations the customer may require, we use additive manufactured parts to check that the fit and function meet the rigorous requirements of the customer.

Heritage Components

Connecting rods are produced from 6 different standard forgings, all unique to Arrow Precision including a 24” long nickel chrome steel forging specifically designed for heritage applications. Crankshafts can be manufactured from period and modern forgings or a solid billet of our own specification 722M24 nitriding steel. Aerospace grade steels are sourced for those customers looking to significantly increase the performance and longevity of their engine.

Become unrivalled

Discover the reasons we’re at the heart of the worlds most powerful engines.

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