Connecting Rod Service

Arrow rods are made to the tightest tolerances and highest standards. After over revving incident or prolonged hard usage, our team to check things over to you. We offer a full rod overhaul service, removing the risk of running previously used rods in your precious engine.

Our inspectors check all dimensions against original specification, paying particular attention to big end and small end size, roundness and alignment. The rods are also magnaflux tested for any cracks, and a report produced outlining the condition of the rods and recommending the best course of action to take.

The level of intervention necessary to completely recondition a rod varies greatly. From a set of new fasteners to re-bushing and re-peening, it is possible to bring most rods back to perfect condition. However, heavy wear at the big end is generally uneconomical to repair.

If you have purchased a previously used engine, are carrying out an end of season rebuild or have had an over revving incident, our overhaul service provides you with the confidence that your rods are in first class condition!



Crankshaft Service

Like all Arrow Products our crankshafts are made to the tightest tolerances and highest standards. However all engine parts wear with use so therefore if you feel your crank needs checking or regrinding to the next undersize we can help.

Our inspectors can provide a full measuring report and from there you can decide if you would like any work carried out. For example, lapping / polishing of main and crank journals, re-grinding to suit undersize bearings and re-balancing.

We offer this service to our cranks and other brand billet cranks. However we cannot provide this service for OE or cast cranks.