Plant List

Mazak 4+5 Axis CNC Work Centre's


Mazak Integrex 5 Axis

Mazak Integrex I300S (Qty 2)

Mazak VCS 530C (Qty 2)
Crankshaft and Con Rod Grinding Centre's

Berco Lynx CNC Crankshaft Grinder

Berco 2+3m Bed Grinder (Qty 3)

Andmar 1224 Surface Grinder (Qty 2)

AMC Schou CMG150 Grinder (Qty 4)

Tripet TST 100
CNC Lathe's and Milling Centre's

Matchmaker CNC Milling Centre

YCM CNC Milling Centre

Yang ML55A CNC Lathe

Hwacheon CNC Lathe

Haas VF-OE

Biglia B650M CNC With Bar Feed

Mitsubishi M-VSCN 3728
Finishing Equipment

Erba Vibro Finisher

Blast Wheel Auto Peener

Emcol GPI MPI Crack Detector

Hot Parts Washer x2

Eco-Hor Balancer

Sunnen LBC-1803 Hone
Quality and Inspection Equipment

Mitutoyo CMM (Qty 2)

Talyrond A353 (Qty 2)

In addition to those listed Arrow operates many more machines on site, please contact us if you have any questions regarding our manufacturing capabilities