Other Arrow Products


FlywheelsLighter, perfectly balanced and custom made to an exact fit with any specialist clutch. In both integral or separate ring gear types, Arrow Precision flywheels are made using 817M40 steel. They are machined straight from the core to give better weight distribution and wear characteristics. Finishes provide an extra performance layer in either polished QPQ tuftride or matte tuftride coatings.

With an experienced design team and flexible manufacturing process, Arrow Precision can engineer the perfect high performance flywheels, back plates and starter gears that you need to push performance to theextreme.


Accuracy and short lead times are key to cutting down on engine build time. Arrow Precision valve guides are concentric to within 0.05mm meaning there is no need for extra reaming or machining to ensure a perfect fit.

These high performance valve guides are made from three choices of materials: hard brass, colsibro and beryllium copper. Arrow keep all in stock and ready for manufacturing and shipping, guaranteeing short lead times. Though these metals are recommended, we use our fully flexible design and manufacture process to work with any other materials you have in mind.


Pre-ground shimsUltra high quality tappet shims in top hat and biscuit types, manufactured to any size. Heat treated to maximum condition with excellent wear characteristics during normal use and impact due to valve bounce in an over-rev. Made from UK-sourced EN24 chromoly steel, Arrow Precision shims can be shipped as blanks or as pre-ground to any size in 0.025mm increments from 5mm down to 1.5mm.

Stock shims are available, as well as an experienced team of engineers to help advise and problem-solve on your behalf, utilising a flexible manufacture process and offering guaranteed delivery to meet your schedule.