Engineering precision detailed cranks begins with only the highest quality materials and a flexible batch manufacturing process. Arrow Precision works to your exacting standards whether you need a custom single piece reverse engineered to stunning perfection, a pre production concept, or a full production run. An Arrow Precision crankshaft means you have full control throughout the design and manufacturing process. 

Ultimate performance is our engineering finish line. This is achieved through continuous inward investment in skilled, experienced people and working practices. Accuracy and efficiency are the hallmarks of a precision crankshaft. These standards are in-built into our streamlined production process and fostered through a ‘design for manufacture’ environment at the conceptual and detail stages. This minimises lead times and guarantees quality. 

Supplying many of the world’s top motor manufacturers, tuners and engine builders requires an understanding of their requirements, no matter how extreme. We make use of 3D CAD and CAM to ensure a smooth process for translating those requirements into a finished precision product. 

  • Range of high quality steels
  • Fully machined
  • Full client control
  • Custom orders
  • 100% magnaflux tested
  • Dynamically balanced

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