Arrow’s design team use their years of experience to produce bespoke, race proven designs for crankshafts, connecting rods and a range of other engine components. We have designed parts for everything from 100+ year old vintage restorations to pre-production prototypes for major automotive manufacturers. Arrow parts have seen tremendous success in the most highly tuned motors and complete clean sheet designs for top level, international championship winning race engines.

We offer our design services and expertise to every customer no matter how big or small. Having designed literally thousands of connecting rods and crankshafts we have a vast wealth of knowledge which is applied to every project. All our designs are unique with each piece of work undertaken in the strictest confidence so you can be sure of your product’s exclusivity and technical privacy.

We have collaborated with many OE engine manufactures helping to optimise designs for prototype and small batch production, allowing shorter lead times and reduced costs. We are able to work from customer’s models and drawings and can produce highly accurate reproductions of cast/forged production parts.