Connecting Rods

Weight. Strength. Balance. The prerequisites of performance in a competition steel rod. Through advances in technology and automation, it is now possible to attain all three together in one rod.

A flexible manufacturing process allows Arrow Precision to make variable quantities of rods from prototype designs through to high volume production. Experienced engineers and designers will help you with tried and tested designs to ensure consistency, or create a winning design that improves performance and gets your team across the line first.

Every rod we produce is created with the same care and attention to detail, whether you need one rod, or several thousand.


Arrow Precision steel con rods are found in almost every arena of motorsport as well as in a wide variety of the world’s most prestigious motor vehicles.

Our steel con rods are fully machined in-house from our own specification double air re-melted 817M40 forgings. All rods are shot peened using our automated process to increase fatigue strength and durability. The rods are balanced end over end into matched engine sets and are 100% magnaflux crack detected prior to final inspection by CMM in our temperature controlled inspection department.

Our design team works closely with each customer using the latest CAD CAM technology to optimise each design whether it be a fully 3D machined prototype for an OE application or custom made rods for full race applications.

For customers with particularly extreme requirements, we have developed our M2000 grade of steel with a tensile strength in excess of 2000 MPa and a high fatigue strength. Careful development and control of the material chemistry and heat treatment has lead to an excellent balance of mechanical properties suitable for use in the most heavily loaded race engines.

As part of the design process, we work closely with ARP to select the best available fastener for each project.

In addition to custom batch manufacture, we also hold a wide variety of rods in stock for many popular race engines, both modern and vintage.


Arrow Precision have created the future of high end connecting rods. This truly exciting development has bridged the market gap for a technically superior and even more fundamentally, financially viable product.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a New Generation advanced high performance connecting rod concept. This products quality exceeds all known available property balances for currently manufactured connecting rods.

Our new M2000 material has been developed as an ultra-high strength steel connecting rod material with numbers in excess of 2000MP. It also benefits by maintaining plastic elongation and has core hardness up to 59 Rockwell C.

Many steels at this strength level are not suitable for connecting rods due to their high notch sensitivity particularly in the thread region. However, careful selection of chemistry and heat treatment practice has led to an excellent balance of mechanical properties and close tolerances for demanding applications. This material is particularly suited to high stress applications where rod distortion can occur, for example in forced induction engines. Alternatively, the high fatigue strength can be utilized to reduce component mass.

Further benefits of the system are extreme resistance to softening compared to conventional case carburizing steels. Components can operate above the steel tempering temperature, particularly in the small end where this can lead to premature failures in some cases. This is not true for M2000.

M2000 has never before been used for connecting rod production; this is a totally unique product.

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30% WeigHt saving
Titanium grade 6AL-4V
CrN coated
Balanced end to end within a gram
At the edges of extreme performance, drivers and engineers need every advantage. Arrow Precision titanium connecting rods combine the weight saving strength of titanium with the reliability normally associated with a steel rod design typically30% lighter than the steel equivalent.

Traditionally, fretting between the bearing shells and big end housing is an issue with Titanium rods, however Arrow have developed a unique manufacturing process to address this issue. In addition a CrN coating is applied to prevent thrust face wear.

When it comes to designing for extreme performance, Arrow Precision is a partner you can rely on. Full client control and a flexible manufacturing process allows us to work closely with your team to design and manufacture championship winning rods.

Arrow Precision titanium connecting rods are coated with Chromium Nitride (CrN) applied by the physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.

The CrN coating produces a thin, wear resistant layer on the working surfaces of the rod that significantly increases the component life when compared to an uncoated part by providing a hard wearing layer between the rod and its neighbouring components.


Ultra high performance split crank one-piece rods engineered to lighten the steel, but retain its strength.

Innovation in the heat treatments and materials go into our three types of non-split rods. For designs with liners in the big end and a bronze floating small end, our EN24 nickel chrome molly forgings offer strength and durability. We can also offer a lined design in 6AL-4V titanium, the obvious benefit being mass reduction. For unlined versions, we use carburised steel and the con rod is heat treated only in the necessary areas, giving the design and strength of a lined rod, but making it 20 % lighter.

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