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            C144 Hayabusa 72mm                                                           Suzuki Hayabusa Long Stroke  Crankshaft          Arrow C144

                                                                                         Stroke (mm)                                      72.00
            In countless forms of Motorsport the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa is a           Engine Capacity - 81.00mm Bore (cc)              1484
            legendary engine, respected for its versatility and reliability; the tuning options   Engine Capacity - 84.00mm Bore (cc)     1596
            for this engine seem endless. Arrow have manufactured thousands of           Pin Size (mm)                                    Ø 37.992/38.000
            Hayabusa crankshafts over the past 15 years’ for the most respected
            Hayabusa engine specialists in the world. Now, for the first time this product   Main Size (mm)                               Ø 39.988/40.000
            is available to our distributors and customers direct from Arrow.

            A host of improvements have been incorporated in to the design
            which include a stroke increase to 72.00mm giving a capacity of
            1484cc when using the standard 81.00mm bore and 1596cc
            utilising the popular 84.00mm over-bored option.
            Big end pins have been altered to 38mm to suit
            the Suzuki range of bearing shells allowing
            access to a greater range of connecting rod, piston
            and shell bearing combinations.



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