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Engineering a precision detailed crankshaft begins with only the
       highest quality materials and a flexible batch manufacturing process.
       Arrow Precision work to your exacting standards whether you need
       a custom single piece reverse engineered to stunning perfection,
       a pre-production concept, or a full production run. Choosing an
       Arrow Precision crankshaft means you have full control throughout
       the design and manufacturing process.

       For custom crankshaft enquiries please complete Arrowʼs online
       Crankshaft Request Form

       You will need to supply the following information:

       l  Engine description

       l  Number of cylinders

       l  Maximum rpm
       l  Weight of Piston (Inc. pin & rings)

       l  Original stroke

       l  Expected BHP

       l  Expected torque

       l  Application (circuit, rally etc.)
                                                                                    Or contact our sales department direct via email.
       l  Special instructions (spline or gear requirements etc.)


                                                                                                                       REQUEST FORM

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