Hayabusa Turbo

When we first started making connecting rods for the Suzuki Hayabusa engine not many of our customers were running highly boosted set ups.

With this in mind our original design was a strong, light weight design utilising 5/16” ARP bolts and all the design features you’d expect from an Arrow connecting rod.

As the limits of these engines have been pushed more over the years we thought it fitting to produce a new design to reflect the increasing demands placed on this component particularly in highly boosted drag racing applications.

We have designated this new design as our “Hayabusa Turbo” connecting rod. Our redesign now features a thicker cap and beam section for improved stiffness. The design also incorporates 3/8” ARP bolts and a larger clamping area improving the rigidly of the big end housing and decreasing the risk of bearings spinning and ultimately engine failure. With both versions held in stock you can be sure that no matter how you plan to tune your Hayabusa engine we have a connecting rod to suite your application.

Hayabusa Turbo
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